New FMLA Poster & Guidance

New FMLA Poster & Guidanc…

The Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued a new general FMLA Notice that employers may post in its workplaces. The DOL also issued a new guide to help employers administer the FMLA.

Under the FMLA, an FMLA-covered employer must post a copy of the General FMLA Notice in each location where it has employees. The Notice must be posted prominently where it can be readily seen by employees and applicants for employment. The DOL recently issued a new FMLA Notice. The Notice does not contain new substantive information; rather, it is supposedly a more “user friendly” version of the pre-existing DOL notice. Employers covered by the FMLA must post the new Notice or continue posting the pre-existing notice. You may access the new Notice here.

The DOL has also issued the Employer’s Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act designed to walk employers through the FMLA process. The guidelines follow the FMLA regulations and the course of a typical leave request and contain a road map that provides an overview of the FMLA process. The guidelines include a “Did You Know” section to educate employers on some of the lesser-known FMLA regulations. Additionally, the guidelines explain the medical certification process and provide a helpful overview of the military leave provisions. You may access the guidelines here.

Please contact our office if you have questions about the new FMLA poster, the DOL’s FMLA guidance, or any other employment issue.