Dismissal for the Defense

Tom Hillis and Shannon P. Wheeler recently appeared for trial before the USDC for the Western District of Oklahoma defending a business in a heavily litigated premises liability (slip and fall) claim. Tom and Shannon with the assistance of Brandy Isbell thoroughly investigated the plaintiff’s background and medical history during discovery, unraveling the plaintiff’s claim for damages. They strongly advocated for their client and won an order from the Court allowing evidence in at trial regarding the plaintiff’s lack of credibility and criminal past. Upon receiving this order, the plaintiff failed to appear for trial and failed to prosecute his case. Tom and Shannon successfully obtained a dismissal of the case with prejudice.

Tom Hillis is frequently engaged to defend and resolve premises liability matters for business owners. Tom can be reached at 918-587-6800 or thillis@titushillis.com.

Shannon P. Wheeler provides quality representation and advice to client in the area of premises liability. Shannon can be reached at 918-587-6800 or swheeler@titushillis.com.

For more information about our Premises Liability practice, please contact Titus Hillis.

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