Tulsa, Oklahoma Attorneys for Local, Regional and National Financial Institutions

Our banking attorneys have a long history of successfully representing banks and financial institutions. We provide quality legal services and experienced counsel on matters of bank policy so that our clients may concentrate on what matters most to them — their relationships with their customers. Our clients include local, regional, and national financial institutions that need assistance in all types of legal disputes, litigation, foreclosure, depository disputes, advice on regulatory issues, assertion of U.C.C. claims, risk analysis, preparation of loan documentation or agreements, and lien priority disputes.

We provide counsel on matters concerning financial privacy and represent financial institutions in all phases of consumer and commercial financial transactions from drafting transaction documentation to creating collection agreements.

When necessary we aggressively handle a wide variety of federal and state court litigation matters — including foreclosure actions, replevin, and petitions for receivership — and aggressively pursue collection of judgments obtained on behalf of our clients. In the unfortunate event of an action against a lender, our firm has seasoned advocates who will successfully defend against allegations of lender liability.

Noteworthy Representations

  • Successfully asserted a bank’s rights in litigation to collect from a debtor and guarantor who defaulted on a note, security agreement, and guaranty agreement.
  • Effectively defended a bank’s security interest in personal property against other creditors and proved the bank had a superior lien, ultimately recovering property and foreclosing on the lien.
  • Advised a client through a debtor’s bankruptcy obtaining relief from stay, recovering property from the bankruptcy estate, and asserting a creditors claim on behalf of the financial institution.
  • Represented a client in foreclosure proceedings on a large commercial real estate transaction with multiple creditors.
  • Negotiated and enforced alternative collection agreements with debtors to obtain the best and most cost-effective method of collection for a bank.
  • Counseled a bank on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues including consumer protection laws, truth in lending laws, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Successfully asserted a replevin action against a debtor to quickly recover equipment and other property and negotiate a settlement with the debtor.
  • Regularly provide clients with risk assessment advice regarding troubled loans.
  • Regularly assist clients with pre-bankruptcy planning and advice regarding creditors rights once debtor files bankruptcy.
  • Negotiated deed in lieu of foreclosure for client to avoid protracted litigation and obtain the most cost effective method of collection.
  • Consulted with client to provide necessary amendments to loan documents.

For More Information About Our Banking Law Practice

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our banking attorneys advise and represent local, regional, and national financial institutions. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.