Tulsa, Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorneys for Creditors and Other Interested Parties

Our bankruptcy attorneys represent creditors and other interested parties in reorganization and liquidation bankruptcy cases, as well as receivership insolvency proceedings. We strive to help clients thoroughly understand their rights and options in a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding. We have assisted a broad array of creditors, including lenders, landlords, vendors, and banks. We have also represented employees in corporate bankruptcy proceedings and have pursued claims on their behalf in bankruptcy court.

Noteworthy Representations

  • Represented secured creditor in a Chapter 11 reorganization proceeding in which the client’s collateral was sold as a part of the plan of reorganization. Negotiated payment of adequate protection to the client and, ultimately, the client’s claim was paid in full.
  • Negotiated with the appointed Chapter 7 trustee on behalf of the purchaser of assets from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy estate and represented the buyer in the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • On behalf of a secured creditor, obtained dismissal of a single real estate asset bankruptcy case due to a bad faith filing by the debtor.
  • Pursued enforcement of a pre-bankruptcy employment contract on behalf of a former executive of a corporate Chapter 11 debtor and pursued payment of the executive’s claim from the reorganized debtor.
  • Prosecuted adversary complaints seeking to determine whether a client’s debt was exempt from discharge due to the debtor’s fraud.
  • Sought relief from the automatic stay under bankruptcy law in numerous commercial and consumer bankruptcy cases so that secured creditors could proceed with foreclosures and other state law remedies as to their collateral.
  • Defended vendors and others in adversary proceedings brought by Chapter 7 trustees and debtors-in-possession alleging preferential payment.

For More Information About Our Bankruptcy Practice

Our Tulsa, Oklahoma bankruptcy attorneys represent a range of creditors and other interested parties in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.