Tulsa, Oklahoma M & A Attorneys with Full Service Approach to Business Needs

Our M & A attorneys have decades of experience in handling corporate matters for businesses including all aspects necessary for mergers and acquisitions. Our attorneys regularly assist our clients with simple or complex business needs, from acquiring an existing business or selling/transferring a business or a business’s assets. Our attorneys work as a team to provide a comprehensive, full service approach to a business’s needs. We provide thoughtful counseling on the best business structure for our clients, including consultation with tax advisors and other necessary specialists to help our clients sort through all of their business and legal options.

Noteworthy Representations

  • Assisted a nationally recognized aerospace company with the acquisition and stock purchase of a small aerospace company to expand the business.
  • Drafted multiple agreements and legal documents in the complex restructuring of a multitude of parent and subsidiary businesses.
  • Assisted majority shareholders in the buyout of minority shareholders and subsequent restructure of an organization.
  • Represented a large client in acquiring other small competitors and growing its business to become a market leader.
  • Assisted small business owners in selling all of their interest in a business to another purchaser, including the negotiation of continued employment agreements and benefits.
  • Advised a corporate client in the handling of dissenting shareholders related to the acquisition of another company.
  • Advised businesses on the best way to restructure multi-tiered entities.
  • Prepared and facilitated closing on multiple stock purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements for corporate clients.
  • Regularly prepare or review confidentiality agreements between our corporate clients and their vendors, business partners, and potential buyers.
  • Drafted letters of intent for corporate client looking to acquire stock or assets of another entity.
  • Prepare financing documentation for client selling interest in business to another purchaser.

For More Information About Our Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

Our Tulsa, Oklahoma M & A attorneys have decades of experience in a range of corporate matters. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.