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Contracts are a vital part of both business and life. When a contract dispute arises, our attorneys bring years of experience to assist our clients in finding solutions that enforce our clients' rights and protects their interests in a cost-effective manner. When litigation is necessary, our highly experienced trial lawyers aggressively advocate to ensure our clients' contract rights are protected. Every year, our attorneys successfully negotiate, litigate, or settle contract disputes on behalf of businesses and individuals in a variety of areas from health care, employment, real estate, banking and finance, technology, software, construction, manufacturing, shareholder issues, consumer issues, arbitration, and more. Our attorneys also work with clients to minimize the risk of a contract dispute.

Noteworthy Representations

  • Advocated for a client in a multi-million dollar breach of contract dispute involving a large real estate and business transaction.
  • Obtained a large jury verdict in an employment-related contract dispute case.
  • Obtained summary judgment on a contract issue through use of effective strategies in discovery and motion practice.
  • Resolved a client’s contract dispute through successful mediation applying technical rules of contract construction and using a creative approach to obtain resolution.
  • Conducted a review of the client’s contract and an investigation of the facts to manage the client’s risk prior to any dispute arising over the contract terms.
  • Represented a client in arbitration over disputed contract terms to ensure a quick and confidential resolution of the dispute.
  • Successfully represented a client through trial and at the appellate level in the assertion of the client’s contractual rights.

For More Information About Our Contract Disputes Practice

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our attorneys provide counsel and representation in Oklahoma and elsewhere. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.