Tulsa, Oklahoma Attorneys Representing Clients Before State and Federal Mental and Dental Boards Nationwide

Our firm has a national practice defending physicians, dentists, nurses and other healthcare providers against charges brought by state healthcare boards. Our attorneys attend medical and dental lectures at least six full days per year to stay current on the latest healthcare methods and technologies. Our attorneys have litigated before state boards in at least fourteen different states. and sued two state boards to address illegal policies and practices.

Noteworthy Representations

  • Sued the Maryland Board of Physicians and its members for privacy and federal civil rights violations following state board disciplinary proceeding against a physician and his son. Our clients obtained a default judgment on the issue of liability against the defendants as a discovery sanction imposed by the Court.
  • As specially retained appellate counsel, appealed a state medical board case adversely decided against a Maryland physician.
  • As specially retained appellate counsel, defended a dentist against multiple charges, convincing the court on appeal to reverse the board findings.
  • As specially retained appellate counsel, appealed a board finding that a lay person had engaged in the unauthorized practice of medicine.
  • Represented dentists in Texas, Kansas and California, convincing the state board to drop all charges at the pre-hearing stage.
  • Represented a dentist in Pennsylvania, convincing the prosecutor to dismiss one count. Disposition of the other count is pending.
  • Sued the North Carolina State Dental Board for its prosecution of dentists who speak candidly with their patients and the public concerning the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings.
  • Prepared petitions on behalf of the IAOMT and others concerning the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings, presented the petitions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and successfully forced the FDA to respond to the Petitions through litigation.

For More Information About Our Healthcare Law Practice

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our attorneys appear before state and federal medical and dental boards and in courts throughout much of the U.S. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.