Tulsa, Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Attorneys Appearing Before State and Federal Agencies and Courts

Our firm regularly represents employees injured on the job in claims before the Workers’ Compensation Court and the new Workers’ Compensation Commission. We work to stay abreast of the changes in the law in order to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation and help them get the most out of their claim.

Although we often represent injured workers, our firm also handles workers' compensation cases for employers and insurers. We regularly counsel employers regarding pay and benefits, discipline, and other issues that arise when an employee is injured on the job. In addition, we often defend employers who have been accused of retaliation under the Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act.

For More Information About Our Workers' Compensation Law Practice

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our Workers' Compensation attorneys practice in state and federal courts and before the Workers' Compensation Commission across much of the U.S. For additional information, we welcome you to contact Titus Hillis.